The Poison Suite

Title: The Poison Suite
Author: penguin474
Pairings: Hiroki/Akihiko (sort of), Egoist
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 139 + 108 + 128
Challenge: poison, tongue, summer rain, beach, thirst

It's been very quiet here lately! I wrote a miniature suite of three drabbles for five different challenges - I hope I'm not breaking any rules...

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JR - Nowaki x Hiroki<3 Egoist~

Week 26

Greetings! Since the week is nearly over and there haven't been any submissions for the past two weeks, how about the new prompt is free write?

Think of it like the free space on a bingo card - cover it with any color chip you want! By which, I mean that you can use old prompts (as always), make your own (maybe just a word that randomly inspires you), or maybe you have a drabble on your harddrive that's getting dusty and you're not sure what to do with - here's your chance to post it~!

Depending on the response, we might keep this as the current prompt for longer. Either way, start writing! Your submissions are always appreciated :3


EDIT: To avoid several posts in a row by one person, for this prompt you may put up to three drabbles in one post. That's not to say you can't post more than three, but writing four plus would be an acceptable reason for needing a whole 'nother post :3

Everything else is still the same (such as the word limit), but if there's something else potentially troubling, the rules may change accordingly (and temporary-->just for this prompt).