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Usami's Secret Plan

Title: Usami's Secret Plan <-- I suck at titles D:
Author: hitzusin
Pairing: Romantica
Rating: G/PG (just to be safe)
Challenge: Wedding

Why was he doing this again?

Oh right, because Aikawa-san had begged for his help. And Misaki couldn't stand to watch and agreed before he even knew what it was he had to do. Apparently the model who was slated to appear for the drawing of Usami's next novel cover suddenly came down with a horrendous fever and couldn't make it. Which left Misaki to be fitted for the white wedding dress he now sported.

Usagi-san, of course, was standing right behind him -- a sight which made Misaki's stomach tumble. But then something in the reflection caught his attention.

"Usagi-san," Misaki started as he turned, dress rustling with his movement. "Why is there a priest?"

I actually had to tone it down. When I first did the word count (I knew it was over 100 already) it was about 150. xDD I actually -wanted- to write more. xD I just might expand on this little thing after the challenge is over.
Tags: author: hitzusin, drabble, pair: romantica, prompt: wedding
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