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Over the Top

Title: Over the Top
Author: faye_naruse
Pairing: Minimum
Rating: PG
Word count: 184
Challenge: A forgotten memory


“Why did I agree to this again?!” Hiroki yelled, clinging stiffly to Akihiko’s shoulders. Though he shut his eyes tightly, he was impressed with how fast Akihiko was making them go, go, go.

Hair whipping about their faces, feet peddling like mad, wheels scraping against concrete…

As the bike reached the top of the hill, Hiroki opened his eyes and gasped. The sight the boys were met with was of their prefecture, and even as the wind was noisy in their ears, the tranquil atmosphere that had settled upon it was louder than words could ever be.

Housetops, buildings, trees, all warmed in a bath of sunlight, orange waves splashing about the streets and alleys, stretching farther than their eyes could see. There was something tender about the way darkness was beginning to lick at the edges of the softening rays, coaxing in the serene night.

The wind wiped the moisture from his eyes, and Hiroki sniffed a little.

“This is what I wanted to show you.”

Akihiko spoke just loud enough for Hiroki to hear, and Hiroki’s throat tightened for a second time.
Tags: author: faye_naruse, drabble, pair: minimum, prompt: a forgotten memory
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