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It's my first time posting here, so forgive any goofs, okay?  I saw the prompt "a forgotten memory" and this just hit me and begged to be written.  Hope you enjoy!
And thank you to those who helped me make the necessary corrections.



Title: Lost and Found

Author/Artist: kiharukitty

Pairing(s): Romantica

Rating: G

Word count: 496... I think...

Challenge: A forgotten memory

Disclaimer: I do not own Junjou Romantica. All copyright goes to Shungiku Nakamura.



Akihiko held Misaki's hand as they walked through the mall, afraid he'd lose his young lover. Ahead, they saw a small crowd gathered around a young mother who was clinging to her child, thanking another woman. “Ah, he must have gotten lost,” Misaki sighed, holding Akihiko's hand a little tighter.


Suddenly Akihiko felt a pang in his heart. Misaki's hand in his felt so much smaller. He blinked, seeing himself at 14 or 15. As he walked through a crowded mall, he was suddenly struck by a pair of emerald eyes shining wetly up at him. A small boy stood nearby, obviously lost, and something made him stop and go over.


“Are you lost?”

The eyes blinked, and the boy sniffled and nodded. Akihiko looked around, and seeing no security around realized he'd have to help this kid on his own. “Let's go find your mom, okay?” The boy sniffled again and smiled a dazzling smile that made Akihiko's heart flip. The boy reached out for his hand and walked with him to the center of the mall. Akihiko was struck by how nice it felt, the boy's hand in his. This small hand, with it's tiny fingers, clung to him with absolute trust and innocence.


He searched the crowd until he saw a security guard near the fountain. With him was a short woman who looked just like the boy, only a fraction more feminine. The hand in his tightened.


The boy ran to the fountain, dragging Akihiko behind him. He was again struck by the wide, beautiful smile on the kid's face. Seeing it made him happy in a way he'd never felt before. The boy skidded to a stop and flung himself at his mom, squealing in delight. The woman clung to her son, sniffling and murmuring softly to him. The security guard eyed Akihiko. “You found him?”


Before he could speak, the boy smiled up at him again, that lovely smile that made him feel oddly warm. “I got losted and he founded me and he broughted me here to you, mommy.” The woman smiled up at Akihiko and bowed. “Thank you so much for helping my son. I was terrified for him.”


Akihiko ducked his head as he blushed, hiding behind his pale bangs. “No problem,” he mumbled. The woman smiled at him with that same luminous smile, then left with her son, swinging his hand along the way. Akihiko watched them with a pang in his heart, seeing how a real parent and child relationship should be.

Someday he wanted someone to hold his hand and find him when he got lost.


Suddenly he was back in the present, with Misaki looking up at him curiously. “Usagi-san? You okay?”


He gazed down at the lovely face before him. He squeezed the still small hand in his and smiled. “I'm wonderful, Misaki. I was just thinking that now we're even.”

Tags: author: kiharukitty, drabble, pair: romantica, prompt: a forgotten memory
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