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Since there’s been an issue about LJ-cuts in the last post, I decided to make a ‘guide’ for new members on how this community works; posting, tagging and generally being a member.

Things to remember:

1. Remember to read the rules and FAQ. Everything you need to know about the community is explained there.

2. If you feel something wasn’t explained properly there, you are ALWAYS welcome to contact me via PM or a comment to the FAQ-post. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

3. Everyone is welcome to post here, new authors as well as experienced authors, people new to LJ or not new to LJ – everyone is treated the same. At least by me.

4. LJ-related things are all answered here in the LJ FAQ-post. Remember to read that if you are completely knew to LJ. Being new is no excuse for not following the community rules.


1. Posting is not as difficult as it seems. I recommend you use the HTML-editor rather than the rich text editor, since the latter always ruins the coding when you try to edit and such.

2. Use this posting format:

Fill out the necessary information.

3. Paste your drabble into the editor. Here’s a couple of examples of how to code your text:

<b>Text</b> = Bold
<i>Text</i> = Italic
<u>Text</u> = Underline
<s>Text</s> = Strikethrough
<center>Text</center> = Centralizes the text.
<hr> = Line

4. The thing people learn the hard way: LJ-cut (or LiveJournal Cut). The cut is very easy to use, just use this code: <lj-cut>Your drabble</lj-cut>

Example: ( Read more ... )

Or if you want a text: <lj-cut="Here’s my drabble">your drabble</lj-cut>

Example: ( Here’s my drabble )

Overall example of how a post can look like:

And live here.


1. Tagging the entries is important, though I’ll never hunt you down and make your life miserable if you forget sometimes, but it’s nice to see tagged posts so I don’t use 5 minutes myself on every single untagged post. It gets tiresome.

We have many tags:

- The author tags: author: username. The mod will give you one when you post your first drabble.

- The drabble/drawble tag.

- The pair tags. We have 6. Use the one that fits your drabble. For ‘rare pairings’ use the tag, Pair: other.

- Prompt tags. They are important, so remember to use them too!

Constructive criticism vs. flaming:

1. I consider flaming as literally attacking a member because the flamers:

- Don't like the character (Misaki, Miyagi etc) the author is writing about;

- They hate the author (personal grudge) and want to hurt them;

- They like one pairing, so all other pairings are inferior, and don't deserve to be written.

2. Constructive criticism is:

- Telling the author that her character was acting kind of OOC.

- Correcting them regarding canon or Japanese culture.

- Otherwise telling them to: tag their entries, use a LJ-cut or warn them for something (character death, heavy kink, whatever).

- Remember, you can correct someone without sounding hateful.

Being a member:

1. Be nice. Seriously, this is important. New members shouldn’t feel intimidated by the other members.

2. Always contact me if there’s an issue somewhere.

3. Don't take everything personally. No one is attacking you when they give you directions or tell you to correct your post.

4. The important thing is to write and have fun. Comments are nice, but that's not the reason we're writing, is it?

If there's some things I've left out, feel free to comment here and let me know, so I can fix it! :D
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