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Decisions, Decisions...

Title: Decisions, Decisions...
Author: fletset</lj> 
Pairing: Egoist
Rating: G
Challenge: Wedding

A quick note: Um, the rules state that drabbles must be longer that 100 words, but everything here is under 100, so… I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong, please feel free to remove this. Also, English is not my mother-tongue, so I'm sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes…


Nowaki was already eating when Hiroki sat down at the table in front of him. The black-haired man was chewing slowly on his scrambled egg, eyeing an invitation that lay in front of him on the table. "What are you looking at?" Hiroki asked, salting his tomatoes.

"This wedding invitation you got," Nowaki replied, swallowing and taking a small sip of water from his glass. "How do you know this Fukuda-san?"

Hiroki grunted. "We were in the same class when I was a university student." Nowaki blinked. "We weren't that close, really, I have no idea why he's inviting me."

"Is it a traditional wedding?" Nowaki asked, and Hiroki flinched somewhat when he caught a certain spark in his lover's blue eyes.

"It's in a shrine, so yeah," Hiroki replied, taking the invitation from in front of Nowaki and putting it aside. He got this odd feeling at the pit of his stomach, and he really didn't want Nowaki to get any weird ideas.

Unfortunately, it was too late. "Hiro-san," Nowaki started, putting his fork down. Hiroki saw it coming. "If we ever could get mar-"

"We can't," Hiroki said curtly, cutting his boyfriend off. "So drop it."

"Yeah, but if we could-"

"But we can't."

Nowaki sighed heavily and leaned backwards on his chair. "You're so stubborn sometimes, Hiro-san. We've been together for… eight-something years now, haven't we? A normal couple would have tied the knot a long time ago."

Hiroki snorted, chewing on a cucumber angrily. "Well, we aren't normal."

"It's a hypothetical situation, Hiro-san!"

Nowaki was looking at him with that look again, somewhere between angry and amused, and Hiroki had no choice but to give in. "Fine," he said in resignation. "What?"

Nowaki smiled at him, causing a faint blush to appear on Hiroki's cheeks. "If we ever could get married, would you rather a traditional or a western ceremony?"

Hiroki's cheeks turned a deeper shade of red. "I-I won't mind, you choose."

Nowaki's smile widened. "Ah, I'd choose a western one, definitely."

Hiroki blinked at him stupidly, a mocking chuckle escaping his mouth. "Oh? Why so sure?"

Nowaki nodded to himself and held his chin. "I think a western-style dress would look so much better on you than a traditional one, Hiro-san."

The look on Hiroki's face was definitely worth the salad that was now in his hair, Nowaki thought with a smile.

Tags: author: fletset, drabble, pair: egoist, prompt: wedding
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