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Thank you all for all your wonderful submissions! The first week is, so far, a success!

I feel like we need a FAQ post so here it is!

1) How long can my drabble be?
Drabbles must be over 100 and under 500 words.

2) Can I post my work in other communities/journals too?
Yes, it's allowed to post the entry anywhere you want.

3) The prompt has been posted, but it's not yet Monday where I live. Should I wait?
No, you can post as soon as the prompt is posted.

4) Is it allowed to post drabbles/drawbles to earlier challenges?
Yes, it is.

5) I need an author tag, how can I get one?
Author tags are created by the mods. They'll make a tag for you as soon as they see your first entry, so no need to worry about that.

6) How many times can I submit an entry to a challenge?
There is no limit, post as many as you want, but you're only allowed to post one entry per day.

7) What about non-canon pairings? What tags should I use?
Use the tag 'pair: other'.

That's all for now. Comment if you have further questions :)
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