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The Sun and the Rain

Title: The Sun and the Rain
Author: faye_naruse
Pairing: Romantica
Rating: PG-10
Word count: 300
Challenge: Summer rain


The pitter-patter sound caught Misaki's attention as it became louder. He gaped when he realized that it was rain, literally out of the blue of the happy summer sky, that was tapping on the sliding glass door of the porch.

"Ahhh, no! I just put the laundry out there to dry!" Misaki yelled, scrambling up from his seat on the couch. He gave a yelp when Usami, who, like the sudden rainfall, seemed to have emerged from nowhere, caught him in his arms.

Usami squeezed Misaki tightly from behind, nuzzling Misaki's brown locks with his nose.

Misaki blushed, struggling. "Usagi-san, let go! I've got to get the clothes out of the rain or we'll have to wait at least another day or two until I can put them out there to dry again!"

"No," Usami simply refused. He didn't sound like he was going to budge.

Misaki sighed heavily and went a bit limp in Usami's arms. He hated when Usami got like this. He watched the sun as it withered, half-covered by persistent dark clouds, and he thought that he could somehow empathize with it. At a point, it had to be exhausting to fight. It'd be easier, no, better to just give in. It might end up being worth the trouble.

Misaki frowned. He was still talking about the sun, right?

While Misaki was distracted, Usami leaned down to whisper in his ear, "We don't need clothes. They’re in the way." He slid a hand beneath Misaki's shirt and pressed his lips to Misaki's neck.

Misaki shoved Usami away from him as his cheeks flushed again. "D-Don't be silly, Usagi-san."

He wouldn't give in that easily.

Misaki looked back at Usami, who simply smiled down at him and lovingly wrapped his arms around Misaki a second time.

…would he?
Tags: author: faye_naruse, drabble, pair: romantica, prompt: summer rain
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