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Sweet dreams

Title: Sweet dreams
Author: migi_47
Pairing: Egoist
Rating: G
Word count: 119
Challenge: Wedding
Disclaimer: I do not own Junjou Romantica. All copyright goes to Shungiku Nakamura.

Note: This is my first writing attempt, so please go easy on me XD English isn't my mother language either... also unbetaed XD

"Kusama Nowaki! Do you want to marry Kamijou Hiroki and be always by his side until death parts you?" asked the priest.

"Yes, I want!" replied Nowaki happy.

The priest turned now to Hiroki.

"Kamijou Hiroki!" began he again. "Do you want to marry Kusama Nowaki and be always by his side until death parts you?"

"Yes, I want!" said the brunet blushing.

"...-san! ...ro-san! Hiro-san! Ah, you’re finaly awake!" smiled Nowaki at him.

"Wha-what?" asked Hiroki confused. He slowly realised what he just dreamed about.


"Yes, Hiro-san?"

"I... I’m glad that you found me seven years ago in that park..." whispered he.

"Hiro-san!" lit Nowakis face up, with one of the happiest smiles that Hiroki ever saw.
Tags: author: migi47, drabble, pair: egoist, prompt: wedding
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