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No Regrets, Miyagi/Shinobu

Title: No Regrets
Author saurab
Pairings: Miyagi/Shinobu, (Shinobu/OFC)
Rating: G
Warning: A tiny bit of Angst.
Word count: 140
Challenge: #01 - Wedding. Counts to 25moments's prompt 'memories' as well.
Disclaimer: I do not own Junjou Romantica. All copyright goes to Shungiku Nakamura.
A/N: Couldn't resist ... I apologise for any mistakes.

Shinobu stood at the altar, watching his beautiful young bride walk down the aisle with careful steps.

He looked gorgeous in his dark groom suit, Miyagi thought.

Shinobu's face had a careful blank expression, that betrayed nothing to the onlookers – except to Miyagi, who knew Shinobu better than anyone else. Shinobu shared Miyagi's anguish, but nothing they could do would change anything. It was over.

Beautiful things never lasted. Even his relationship with Shinobu had met a cruel end. The thing was, even now, as he saw Shinobu turn towards the priest, his hand curled around the bride's, Miyagi didn't regret a thing. He wouldn't let a feeling such as regret taint the beautiful memories he had of their time together. Shinobu had taught him to treasure life, and that was a thing Miyagi treasured.

Tags: author: saurab, drabble, pair: terrorist, prompt: wedding
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