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Thoughts Carried by the Wind

Title: Thoughts Carried by the Wind
Author faye_naruse
Pairing: Minimum (sort of...?)
Rating: PG
Word count: 307
Challenge: Wedding


"Hey, Hiroki?" A young Akihiko asked as he caught the seed of a dandelion in his palm. The soft breeze had carried it through their 'secret base', and as Akihiko expected, the touch was light on his skin.

A young Hiroki watched him with a half-amused, half-blank expression. "Yeah?"

"Have you ever thought about getting married?"

"Eh?" Hiroki was mildly surprised by the random inquiry.

"Like a wedding ceremony and all?" Akihiko asked absentmindedly. He seemed to be entranced by his 'visitor', prodding lightly at it with a fingertip.

"No, not really. I mean, I think we're way too young to be thinking about those things." Hiroki fiddled with a hole in the grass; Akihiko's unfocused stare somehow made him feel the littlest bit lonely. "…Even if we have certain people already anxious to set up marriage meetings for us." (He shook his head in repressed anger at the thought of his overexcited mother). "And what about you?"

Akihiko smiled gently as the dandelion seed was swept away by the wind again. "Actually I...can't say I can see myself doing so."

Hiroki looked up and Akihiko met his stare.

The light breeze ruffled the trees as Hiroki considered Akihiko's words. It was something of a dream imagining himself at the altar with someone, but not his dream. It was a dream of his mother's he must be seeing, because as he looked on in his mind's eye, he thought that he seemed strangely unfitting at such a traditional event. His bride didn't have a face, and he had the feeling there wouldn't ever be someone to occupy that feminine body.

"You know what? I think it's the same for me," Hiroki said slowly in realization. Akihiko nodded at him, and the boys talked very little for the rest of their afternoon together, lost in their own thoughts.



Sorry if this is too long, mods. Once a word limit is established, I'll be sure to stick to it XD;; Boring fic is boring anyway
Tags: author: faye_naruse, drabble, pair: minimum, prompt: wedding
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