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He's Always Like That

Title: He's Always Like That
Author: Eike (yhibiki)
Pairing: Terrorist
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Notes: For ceasefire ;) Maybe still not quite what you wanted, but I hope it's on the right track. Also, it's kind of fun trying to stay within the 100 word limit.

"You may now kiss the bride," the priest said, finally giving Miyagi the opportunity to escape his brother-in-law's fiery gaze.

While he danced his first dance with his new wife, Miyagi couldn't help but catch his brother-in-law's eye, anger and contempt reflected at him.

At the buffet table, he bumped elbows with his brother-in-law. "Sorry about that, Shinobu-chin," Miyagi said, trying to make nice; the teen flushed to his roots, mumbled "whatever," and ran off.

"I don't think Shinobu likes me very much," he mentioned to his wife. She shrugged -- "Don't worry, he's always like that."

"If you say so."
Tags: author: yhibiki, drabble, pair: terrorist, prompt: wedding
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